Team of Experts

The Nova Team of Experts has been hired based on their 15-20+ years of experience in finance, accounting, data, and operations. At Nova, we understand the complexities of large corporations and we know how to lead and get things done, because many of us have been in your shoes! That gives us unique perspective, practical insights and problem-solving capabilities for you to leverage.

We have the experience and expertise to work alongside you and your team to attain the improvements and bottom-line results that your company is looking for. We will work closely with you to customize the optimal mix of your employees, our consultants and other external resources depending on the projects scope, timeline and budget. Nova can deliver a full end-to-end project or deliver portions of the project where you envision us adding the greatest value. We can provide our own proven methodology, follow your company's standards, or work together to create a new collaborative delivery framework.

Meet our Team of Experts!

Liz Weir

Danny Kosanovic

Laurie Bumba

Leslie Mote

Greg Hertling

Sal Messina

Anne Kelso